Ohio Cares For Kids


OhioCaresForKids.com is a coalition of educators, school administrators, charter school employees, and volunteers working to increase awareness about the role Charter Schools (Specifically Dropout Recovery Schools) play in assisting with the fundamental education of our youth here in Ohio, regardless of the social status or economic condition.

Too often Charter Schools are lumped into one category and a monolithic view which does not take into account the different types of students and Charter School classifications. Since these opinions are so broad, many do not take the time to research the information needed to differentiate between effective and non-effective Charter School education. This leads to negative perceptions from the general public, and in the extreme, faulty and sometimes damaging legislation from our state representatives limiting a Charter School’s effectiveness.

The goal of O.H.I.O. Cares is to present information for public and private consumption to ensure both the public and our public representatives have the tools necessary to make decisions regarding Charter Education in Ohio that is rooted in fairness, equality, and fact.